What is so special about face oils

What is so special about face oils

We’ve all heard of face oils and their magic and how everyone should add them to their skincare routine. But as always, many of us have no clear understanding of what they are and what they do. And here comes our part to wipe the question marks off your head to keep your skincare path clear of any possible obstacle. So, shall we start explaining? Alright!


What are face oils?


Face oils are specially formulated to work with your natural skin oils. Your natural oils help your skin to stay hydrated and to prevent moisture loss. And face oils help those natural oils with their job. They provide more hydration and help to lock it all in. Typically they’re made from a mixture of plant oils that nourish and soften and balance your skin to keep it fresh and radiant. Need more reasons to use face oils? Well let’s count the reasons together:


  • It provides your skin with hydration and locks it all in to prevent moisture loss.
  • Makes your skin radiant.
  • It acts as a protective barrier on the outer layer on your skin.
  • It fights free radicals.
  • It doesn’t clog your pores.


What oils should I use?


  • For acne-prone and oily skin:

You should try using a light water-based sebum regulating non-comedogenic oil to take all the advantages without any disadvantage so look for an oil that contains Jojoba or Aloe Vera.


  • For dry skin:


Dry skin needs heavy oils especially ones that contain ingredients that are very hydrating and helps lock in all the moisture.

Try oleic acid because it penetrates easily and it locks in all the moisture and prevents it from evaporating and it promotes healing and repairing.


  • For normal skin:


Normal skin doesn’t need a heavy oil so for this step try to use a nice water-based oil that will suit your purposes. Aloe Vera would be nice because it’s gentle and gets the job done for you.


Is everything clear now for you? Great! Now you’re ready  to pick up the best oil for your skin.

We at Embrace are ALWAYS looking for the best skin products that match your desires. We hope you found this blog helpful, and do not forget to check our other blogs for more important tips and information!

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