The ultimate routine for normal skin

The ultimate routine for normal skin

Last time we talked about the normal (unicorn) skin type. We told you what it is, why it’s so special, and a bit of general info on how to take care of it. Today we’re gonna dive in a little deeper for the caring part. But, before you start reading you have to know that this is a huge commitment because taking care of your skin isn’t a game. With that being said, let’s start your journey.


Because your skin is so special all you need to be doing is to just keep it that way by always staying one step ahead of each and every skin problem you could ever face so you won’t ever have to deal with any of them. So in short, prevention is the key. And here is how its done:


1- In the morning:



  • Cleanser (Daily)
  • Toner (Daily)
  • Serum (Daily)
  • Moisturizer (Daily)
  • Eye cream (Daily)
  • Primer (Daily)
  • Face oil (Daily)
  • SPF (Daily)



2- In the evening:



  • Makeup remover (Daily)
  • Cleanser (Daily)
  • Exfoliator (Once a week)
  • Toner (Daily)
  • Serum (Daily)
  • Moisturizer (Daily)
  • Sheet mask (Every two days)
  • Eye cream (Daily)
  • Face oil (Daily)




  • Cleanser:



Let’s go for a light type of product for this step so how about a nice gel cleanser with some hyaluronic acid for a good hydrating touch? Or you could go for some niacinamide for some lipid barrier protection guarantee.


  • Toner:


Now after cleansing your face, it’s time for some toner to keep your face clean and hydrated and to keep that radiant look of yours. For this one, let’s go for some glycolic acid as it boosts collagen production, accelerates cell renewal and fights acne. Or you can choose coenzyme Q10 that will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and promote an even skintone for you.

  • Serum:

Serums are designed to give you the highest concentrations of some certain active ingredients to keep your skin healthy and to nourish it and protect it from future damage. Try using a serum that contains vitamin E because it will protect your skin from solar radiations and it will keep it away from aging. Green tea on the other hand will keep your sebum regulated and will reduce dark circles and treat puffy eyes.

  • Moisturizer:

Keeping your skin hydrated is more important than you think. It will keep your skin fresh and will protect it from any possible irritation. Using a product that contains some glycerin would be a good idea as it already has protective properties against irritations. Plus it’s safe and gentle. We can also recommend you to use a product that contains some shea butter because its hydrating and it provides added sun protection.

  • Eye cream:

You can choose an eye cream depending on the problem you desire to fix, whether fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness, or dry under-eye skin. After moisturizing, pick up a tiny amount of the eye cream on your ring fingers and tap it gently on the under-eye area!

(We recommend reading this blog about eye creams to know which eye-cream ingredients you need to look for according to your needs). (link)

  • Primer:

Whether you wear full makeup or the slightest amount of it on your face, adding a primer to your set is a must. From making a smooth layer for your makeup to evening your skin tone to helping your makeup to stay on all day without slipping, primers take care of you as if it was your bestie. Vitamin E is worth a shot because it has a sun protection factor and it hydrates and soothes the skin. Or you can try some aloe vera because it’s anti-inflammatory and it has a moisturizing property.

  • Face oil:

Normal skin doesn’t need a heavy oil so for this step try to use a nice water-based oil that will suit your purposes.

  • SPF:

Sunscreen is your daily partner because you don’t want your skin to be around any of the many harmful radiation effects like pigmentations, sunburns, premature aging etc.. so pick yourself a sunscreen with a least amount of 30 SPF and maybe some ceramides because they Form a protective layer to help prevent moisture loss and visible damage from environmental stressors.

  • Makeup remover:

For this step you definitely should give micellar water a go as it is gentle and it removes dirt and excess oil and makeup off your face all in one step and leaves your skin hydrated.

  • Exfoliator:

Exfoliating is an important step to do once or twice a week to keep your skin crystal clear. But watch out! Using the wrong ingredients for this step could easily hurt your face so choose carefully. Because you have such an amazing skin type already you won’t be needing any harsh, heavy ingredients so use  something that is light and will get the job done for you like jojoba beads. They Provide a natural exfoliating action that digs deep into pores and they fight breakouts and regulate sebum production and finally, they offer less aggressive exfoliation and are arguably more suitable for regular use.

  • Sheet masks:

sheet masks hydrate and moisturize the face along with their other beneficial effects. They help lock in all the moisture and prevent it from evaporating off your face. So instead of getting your face all messy with creams and liquids try a sheet mask every two days.

*Ingredients to avoid:

Parabens, mineral oil, aluminum, propylene glycol, butylene glycol, coal tar, phthalate

Are you finished with your skincare routine for the day? Great!

Embrace is with you step by step to help you find out more about the world of skincare, so stay with us for our upcoming blogs!

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