What’s My Skin Type

What’s My Skin Type

We all dream of that perfect, fresh and glowing skin; that’s why we may use any product that passes us by or any product our friends recommend, saying that it had done wonders to their skin, but when we follow the advice, we don’t end up satisfied at all!

The reason behind this problem is that people often don’t know what skin type they have, for each skin type requires certain ingredients.

If you want to know your skin type, take the following quiz with us:

  1. How would you describe your pores?
  2. Small to Medium Sized.
  3. Large and visible.
  4. Small and not visible.
  5. Large or medium-sized and only visible in the T-Zone.
  6. Large or medium sized in the T-Zone and small or not visible in the rest of the face.
  7. What is your main skin problem?
  8. My skin’s texture seems fine.
  9. Excessive Oiliness all over the face.
  10. Excessive dryness all over the face.
  11. Excessive Oiliness in some parts of the face.
  12. Excessively Oily in some parts and excessively dry in others.
  13. How does your skin look and feel on average?
  14. Smooth and radiant.
  15. Greasy and shiny all over the face.
  16. Dry and dull all over.
  17. Shiny and Greasy in the T-Zone, smooth in other parts.
  18. Shiny and Greasy in the T-Zone, Dry and dull in the rest of the face.
  19. How does your skin look when you wake up and before you go to bed?
  20. Just fine or slightly shiny in the evening.
  21. Really shiny or greasy.
  22. Dry or dull.
  23. Shiny or greasy in some parts and relatively normal in others.
  24. Shiny or greasy in the T-Zone and dry and dull in other parts.
  25. Does your skin have white heads and black heads?
  26. I sometimes notice a few black or white heads.
  27. I have a lot of whiteheads and blackheads all over my face.
  28. I rarely have whiteheads and blackheads.
  29. I have a lot of whiteheads and blackheads on my T-Zone and a few around my face.
  30. I have a lot of white heads and black heads on my T-Zone and nothing around my face.

If most of your answers are:

A: You have Normal Skin.

B: You have Oily Skin.

C: You have Dry Skin.

D: You have Oily – Normal Combination Skin.

E: You have Oily – Dry Combination Skin.


So, what is your result?

If you’re still not confident with the result, please reach out to our Editorial team via WhatsApp or email, and we can take it from there!

To learn more about your skin type, please visit our Blog and check out all the details about skin types, products, ingredients and more!

P.S. You can find information about the two variations of combination Skin and Normal Skin in our Combination Skin Blog!

We at Embrace love to always be there for you in every step of your skincare journey and will try to keep you as informed as possible with all things skin care related.

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